Political Rhetoric vs Economic Reality

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Schiffgold.com

President Trump’s recent State of the Union speech had decidedly optimistic tone. This was welcome, given the increasingly fractured and divided American Political Rhetoric vs Economic Reality | BullionBuizzpolitical landscape. But it’s important to take a hard look at where the US economy is and where it is heading. Unfortunately, the political rhetoric doesn’t always line up with economic reality.

President Trump has taken full ownership of the current bubble economy. In doing so, he’s set himself up as the fall-guy when things turn sour. Peter Schiff put it in stark terms during an interview with Stock Pulse at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

“He is so caught up in this bubble now in the stock market,” said Peter. “He’s branded it … The stock market has a big ‘T’ on it for Trump, like one of his buildings.”

So, how exactly does the political rhetoric coming out of the Oval Office stack up against the current economic realities? Dan Kurz of DK Analytics provides a breakdown of 16 key issues where the positive talk doesn’t line up with what’s actually going on.

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