One Belt, One Road, One Direction for Gold And Silver Prices

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Dave Smith

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative will be the biggest commercial linking system project in history. It will weave together the economies of over half the One Belt, One Road, One Direction for Gold And Silver Prices | BullionBuzzworld’s population via transit corridors of highways, high-speed rail, fiber-optic cables, pipelines, and air and seaport hubs, and will generate an additional $2.5 trillion of new trade annually.

An almost unnoticed corollary is China’s proposed Latin Belt and Road program, involving Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Meanwhile, gold is headed back towards slow, relentless appreciation against fiat, but it won’t be as slow as you might think. The road to $15,000 will be built with one belt, one road, one price-advance brick at a time.

As China and India industrialize, they play catch up with everyone else. Because there are almost 8 times more Chinese and Indians than Americans, it’s a super-sized version of what took place in the 1880s in America.  Since the Chinese are the world’s biggest gamblers, and Indians are maniacally obsessed with owning all the gold there ever was, is, and will be, the bull era promises to be incredibly exciting.

One of most overlooked tools in a technical trader’s box is the relationship between gold and global currencies. On major exchanges, it’s most frequently quoted in US dollars, but in a given country, gold demand is expressed in local money. When gold advances in dollars, that’s important. When making new highs in other currencies, it becomes a bellwether signal in its own right.

Don’t wonder why you didn’t act while metals were affordable and available. Don’t become person who misses a chance of success by neglecting to act on the bullish metals’ signals the market is sending your way.

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