No Exit

by Howard Kuntzler

A curious feature in American politics is delusional thinking at both ends of the political spectrum. Both factions have gone off the rails, and both parties are racing toward oblivion. More ominously, there are no new factions with a grip on reality even beginning to form anywhere in the background.

No Exit | BullionBuzzKunstler discusses the Democrats’ hue and cry over Russian collusion, and the dangerous ideas emanating from the university world, which is universally dominated by the left.

The New York Times recently ran a video on their Web edition titled “A Gender Fluid Mother’s Day,” featuring a man pretending to be a woman reading to children. The official link says “mothers-day-gender-drag-queen-story-hour.” It’s part of the newspaper’s campaign to erase the boundary between the sordid and the normative, and to ram it down the public’s throat. Doesn’t the Times have better things to print?

Meanwhile, the Republicans have made themselves hostages to the personality of Donald Trump. The Republican party has not demonstrated that it has any idea of what is going on in the districts it represents.

Kunstler’s guess is that in last-ditch desperation, the Republicans will not just abandon the president, but also actively join his adversaries in an effort to drive him out of the White House. And then, rightly, wrongly, or foolishly, you will see the former working class take up arms against the government for toppling their hero, and that will be the end of the fake economy that ought to be the real news you’re not reading about in The New York Times.


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