$10,000 Gold May Be The Opening Salvo - BMG

Nick Barisheff — $10,000 gold may merely be the opening salvo..

Nick Barisheff -- $10,000 gold may merely be the opening salvo.. - BMG

If inflation were tabulated circa 1980, the present rate would be much higher than official tallies. Just before Michael Burry (The Big Short) shuddered his Twitter account, he expressed  concerns over hyperinflation. In similar fashion, Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, echoed hyperinflation sentiments, just before stepping down from his position. If our guest’s forecasts are correct, $10,000 gold may merely be the opening salvo of an explosive new bull market, for PMs.  

Nick Barisheff draws an intriguing distinction among 3 key precious metals, gold, silver and platinum:
1. Gold is chiefly a monetary metal, with jewelry demand and rarely used for industrial purposes.
2. Silver is both a monetary metal and an industrial metal. 
3. Platinum ranks at the opposite end of the spectrum, chiefly an industrial metal with some jewelry usage. 

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