Modern Currency Policy: Nations Compete, Citizens Suffer

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Matthew Piepenberg

Gold, of course, loves chaos, tanking currencies and cornered, debt-soaked nations, the numbers of which rise with each passing day.

Modern Currency Policy: Nations Compete, Citizens Suffer - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
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Currency debasement is mathematically and historically inevitable, though no one knows exactly when the world’s teetering fiat money systems will fall over the global debt cliff.

We only know that the $300+T cliff is here, and that nations are racing toward it at historical speed with, presumably, equally historical consequences.

Physical gold holders, however, enjoy a certain and calm advantage: They don’t need to be precise timers, simply patient owners.

As for more signs of the move toward weakening currencies in general and a weakening US dollar in particular, Piepenberg takes a look at history and current facts.

Up for discussion: Hot vs. financial wars—todays evidence, tomorrow’s policies; is the Fed watching China (yes); the rising sun; the setting sun; the rising China; US bonds—the first to fall in a financial cold war; hot war; waiting for the pivot as more things break; big trouble for little Britain; and keep it simple.

“The foregoing geopolitical, currency and policy facts all suggest a world leaning further and further toward deliberate tweaking (strengthening and then debasing) of their fiat currencies to stay alive as well as competitive in a race to the fiat finish line in which all the horses are effectively cantering toward a glue factory.”

“As such trends continue, the question will not be about which currency you hold, but how much of it is backed by gold.”

“If nations won’t back that paper money in something precious, then investors can do it for themselves by owning physical gold.”