Make Your Choice: Change by Pain Or Insight

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Chris Martenson

“Most experienced investors know the four most dangerous words are: This time is different.

Make Your Choice: Change by Pain Or Insight | BullionBuzz

It never is.

And yet one of my key predictions here at Peak Prosperity is that the next 20 years will be completely unlike the last 20 years.

So am I saying that things really will be different this time?

Yes, I am. But to understand why, you have to look closely at the unprecedented moment in history in which we live, as well as how the Three E’s—the Economy, Energy and Environment—all tie together now in a way they never have before.

For those who prefer their conclusions right up front, the simplest summary I can provide is that everything we think we know about ‘how things work’ is just plain wrong.

This explains why, among many other grotesque distortions, the stock and bond markets are spectacularly overpriced and overvalued right now.

This danger is important to be aware of because when things correct, as they inevitably must, the next crash will be incredibly damaging. It could be as profound as that which dethroned Spain as a world power, permanently.”

Martenson discusses delusional thinking; the harsh math; how many doublings can we possibly have from here; think critically; and make your choice: change by pain or insight.

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