Long-Term, Conditions for Gold Are Perfect to Go to Record Highs

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Christoph Gisiger

Fred Hickey, editor of “The High-Tech Strategist,” warns that the stock market is headed for trouble. In this interview he explains why the current run on big tech stocks like Apple and Nvidia is dangerous, and how he is preparing his portfolio for the coming surge in the price of gold.

Long-Term, Conditions for Gold Are Perfect to Go to Record Highs = BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Real-colored gold bars on top of each other, 999 carat gold bars. Isolated 3d render, 3D illustration.

Some of the questions put to Mr. Hickey: Given the current environment, the stock market is doing well—what goes through your mind when you look at the current situation; what do you think happens next; big tech is back in favour—what does that say about the state of the market; Apple has held up well—the stock trades are just a few percentage points below its all-time high of January 2022; why is Apple’s stock overvalued according to your view; how will the next iPhone cycle shape up; what effect will AI have on the tech sector; what is your outlook for the tech sector in general; the US economy and how it is holding up; tech stocks Hickey likes in the current environment; the reasons why Hickey is invested in gold and gold stocks; the bull case for gold; how Hickey goes about making investments in gold; and should one wait before making major investments.

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