The Lab Rat That Survives Is The One Who Escapes

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Chris Martenson

“To prosper, break free of society’s efforts to control you.”

The Lab Rat That Survives Is The One Who Escapes | BullionBuzz
Cartoon laboratory white rat.

If you’re feeling like a lab rat in a science experiment, manipulated by shadowy forces for unknown purposes, that’s because you’re waking up to the reality of the situation: We are all lab rats.

We’re subjected to daily doses of propaganda and social conditioning, reinforced by technology, designed to distract and burden us by keeping us consuming as much as possible, preferably while taking on debt to do so; keep us isolated and socially fractured to prevent any effective organization against the existing system of power and control; and block information that might awaken us to the various manipulations in play.

Martenson includes two must-watch videos because he’d like you to understand the world and its rules a bit better, with the hope that this affords you a better chance of charting an independent destiny and living a life filled with purpose; and because the world is on fire, and while there are still spoils to be had, the powers-that-be are racing to secure them for themselves at the expense of the masses. To avoid inheriting a future with no resources and no prospects, we each need to bring our best selves to the story.

There are powerful forces at work that want the exact opposite of that. Not because there’s an equally valid competing philosophy they offer, but because they want your money for their bank accounts, and they want their social power to remain uncontested.

The trajectory we are on ends badly, in the collapse of our economy, of our ecosystems, of our society. Whether the pin that pricks the current bubble is a resource crisis, a crash in the financial markets, or a sudden shortage of fossil fuels, it makes no difference. The endgame will be the same. Reclaiming our time, our attention and our integrity is vital.

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  1. Pamela Fry

    well said. Now, what can be done?

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