Is There A Future for Platinum?

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Ingé Lamprecht

Platinum lacks a clever public relations machine;it should be using the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal to lobby for more use of platinum in automobiles to reduce emissions. Local government lacks the competenceto let market forces restrict supply. Also, there is a delusional idea thatelectric vehicles (EVs) will kill future demand for platinum. Thirty years is ashort space of time for most people to change to EVs. Realistically, theelectric energy shortfall and battery resource constraints will put paid to a massive roll out. It would seem that the negativitytowards platinum is completely unwarranted and, at just over $800 per ounce,the savvy investor would be quietly piling in.

Is There A Future for Platinum? | BullionBuzz

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