How America Ends: Putin Announces New BRICS Global Reserve Currency Project to REPLACE The Petrodollar

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Mike Adams

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that BRICS nations are going to roll out an alternative to the US dollar’s global reserve currency status.

US dollar and China Yuan banknote with multi countries banknotes. Its is symbol for tariff trade war crisis or unfair business of 2 biggest economic countries in the world.

The member states are developing alternative mechanisms for international payments, setting up a joint payment network to cut reliance on the Western financial system and boosting the use of local currencies in mutual trade.

A replacement currency will be powered by blockchain and backed by gold, which is why member nations have been stockpiling gold supplies. When the time comes, nations that represent nearly 75% of the world will simultaneously denounce the dollar and roll out a gold-backed, blockchain-audited international currency system that will instantly become the world’s currency choice for free trade and a store of value.

The dollar will collapse. Goods and services sold in the US will increase in price by 1000%. The dollar will continue to lose value as the world’s holders of US Treasury debt and dollar currency dump it all at any price.

The US government will collapse along with the Fed. There will be no money to pay the military, and government salaries and pensions will be halted. The empire of debt and lies will implode so rapidly that citizens will be stunned.

Russia, China and India will emerge as the economic leaders of the world, and the US empire will cease to exist. It will be broken into regional nation states, divided largely among political lines with the left seizing control of the coasts, and conservative groups dominating the rest of the country.

Russia knows that it can defeat America simply by declaring the dollar null and void. No nuclear war is necessary. America is vulnerable to this sort of collapse due to its massive debt and spending addictions. Russia and China are merely sucking the air out of its collapsing currency, knowing that economic gravity will do the rest.

Up for discussion: The Belt and Road Initiative— the future of world trade without the US and western Europe; and America as you know it will soon cease to exist.

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