Government Action Will Push Gold Ever Higher

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Egon von Greyerz

History is full of mad leaders, from King Nebuchadnezzar and Emperor Caligula to many English and French kings, as well as modern examples. But have we ever had such a mad world as today? Ethical and moral values have vanished, and decadence is rampant. Financially, there is zero discipline as leaders attempt to set aside the laws of nature. This is obvious in the manipulation of the world economy, which is being done on a greater scale than ever in history.

Government Action Will Push Gold Ever Higher | BullionBuzz
Gold coins with gold ingot

Von Greyerz discusses a mad world with unlimited money and goods; we never learn from history; the same old medicine won’t cure the patient; governments destroy savings; governments hate gold; currencies are 99% down, with only 1% to reach zero; a final and total catastrophe of the currency system; and gold both preserves wealth and appreciates.

Von Greyerz decided to put major funds into physical gold in 2002. Many of the people he advised then were UK based. Gold at the time was £200. Today it is £1,200, a 6x gain. The combination of capital gain and asset protection cannot be beaten by any other investment. And it is so simple, no daily worries about buying and selling stocks and spending lots of time trying to understand the folly of investment markets.

With the economy as mismanaged as it is today, the government does all the work for us with unlimited money printing and credit expansion. That work will now accelerate. All we need to do is ride the government wave of destruction. Gold will continue to reveal how badly governments are doing. It must be the simplest investment game in town.

Anyone who doesn’t own gold and silver must take action now. There is still time to buy the best life insurance possible. This insurance will not only protect your assets from total destruction, but also prove to be the most profitable investment in history.

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