In this interview with Chris Waltzek of GoldSeek Radio, Nick discusses:

  • BMG has announced a new hedge fund for pension funds and accredited investors to prepare investors for financial calamity.
  • Cautions investors to prepare for a market deluge rivaling the 2009 crash in depth and severity.
  • BMG notes that 19 years passed before investors returned to breakeven after the NASDAQ year 2000 crash.
  • Investors may never recoup their investments as the meltdown may mark the end of modern financial markets.
  • Nick notes a triple-bubble in real estate, US equities and (P/E ratio, Tobin’s Q-ratio, margin debt) and bonds.
  • Gold aficionados will rejoice on news that the Bank of International Settlements rates gold on par with US dollars.
  • This could temporarily reverse the negative correlation sending both gold and the Greenback to lofty heights in tandem.
  • The new Lehman Brothers / Bear Stearns tipping point of the chaotic economic system could be Deutsche Bank (DB).
  • The huge levels of toxic debt on its balance sheet could mark the first domino to fall, resulting in a cascade of bank defaults.
  • Without El Dorado-like gold mines, the limited supply and insatiable demand promises exciting times for gold investors.
  • Case in point, Microsoft’s market cap could purchase nearly the available gold worldwide.
  • If only 5% of the $300 trillion in bubble-ridden global equities/bonds/ paper assets were to seek out gold.
  • 5% is likely a lowball figure, given the plethora of leveraged financial instruments available.
  • The duo caution investors from seeking financial shelter in paper instruments as many could offer little solace.
  • Bullion stored with serial numbers on the bars or the PGMS coins remains the safest option.

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