Gold or Silver?

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by John Rubino

“At first glance, gold and silver seem pretty fungible. They’re both hypnotically pretty. Their prices tend to rise and fall according to the same financial/political forces. They’re both seen as real money by a tiny (very wise) fraction of the population and as atavistic relics by the vast, ignorant majority. And—most important—they will both preserve their owners’ purchasing power when today’s fiat currencies evaporate like the fever dreams they always were.”

Gold or Silver? - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Romanian’s coins

“So you definitely want some (and maybe a lot) of each. But gold and silver are not identical. They have different strengths and weaknesses in various monetary reset scenarios. And their prices don’t move in lockstep. Sometimes one is cheap relative to the other.”

“So how much of each should we own now, and how quickly should we plan to load up the truck? The answer is different for each person, but a few things are generally true.”

Up for discussion: The gold:silver ratio; gold’s market is big, silver’s is small; different roles in a crisis; transportability; confiscation risk; silver 60:40; how much gold and silver should you own; and time pressure.

“To sum up, it’s anybody’s guess what gold and silver will do in the coming six months. Faced with that kind of uncertainty, dollar cost averaging, i.e., buying the same dollar amount of metal each month, is probably the best approach. Let your own sense of urgency determine the monthly amount.”

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