‘Gold is Money, Everything Else is Credit’ — J.P. Morgan

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Claudio Grass

We are well past the point of no return on many fronts. US politics, on a national and global level, are never getting back to normal, and the economy is already knee-deep in a severe recession, while social frictions and public discontent with governments, institutions, rulers and central planners is on a sharp and dangerous trajectory.

‘Gold is Money, Everything Else is Credit’ — J.P. Morgan | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
Gold ingot road in grass with sky

In this charged environment and during these uncertain times, it is increasingly difficult for responsible investors and citizens to answer even basic questions, especially as we’re being constantly bombarded with new directives, news stories and opinions that not only contradict each other, but common sense too. Under these circumstances, separating the signal from the noise might be particularly challenging, but never before has it been more important. From the markets to the economy and from political risks to real and sound money, there are crucial questions that investors need the answers to.

To help navigate these murky waters, Grass asked Rafi Farber (publisher of  “The End Game Investor”) for his views and analysis, which Grass has always found to be insightful, and the resulting Q&A is published in this article. Farber’s background and experiences, as well as his unique way of weaving relevant historical and cultural perspectives into his arguments, have long produced interesting points and useful reflections.

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