Gold Investors: It Is Time for A Logic Lesson

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Michael Ballanger

Price managers agree that citizens should avoid gold and trust paper currencies because of national security issues. But the paper merchants cannot charge a fee if your net worth is held in physical metal. Now that they control the Four Pillars of Commerce (banking, investments, insurance, real estate) the big banks view gold and silver in a hostile way because they threaten their power over monetary control.

In 2018, the inputs that should have driven gold and silver to new highs are numerous and powerful, but the controls put in place by the global elite are more numerous and more powerful. Paul Volcker made sure the government would never again attempt to manage a financial crisis without first managing gold. Since gold ownership by US citizens undermines the essence of banking, gold ownership has been discouraged for the past forty years.

Gold Investors It Is Time for A Logic Lesson | BullionBuzz

Another reason that the West today takes such a dim view of gold ownership is that the two most voracious accumulators of gold in the world are the two countries most at odds with America—Russia and China.

To manage the crisis, those who control markets decided to do away with highly volatile humans in the implementation of financial market policy, and instead replace them with machines that could be programmed with responses to external event-driven stimuli.

Investors have found a new retirement fund in stocks by way of never losing a dime in the market. Once, land was the best investment; today, it is paper stocks. Imagine the prospective outcome of so much fraud ingrained into the financial system and how it will play out. The historical roles of gold and silver have proven exemplary in countries like Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina and Zimbabwe, but they have little meaning in countries anchored by the US dollar. This will change, but identifying the precise time is elusive, because it requires a knowledge of the welfare and intent of the invisible hand that controls financial markets through intervention and regulatory glaucoma.

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