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Gold: How DC Screwed You, And Now Itself

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Mathew Piepenburg

With the backdrop of openly discredited legacy media and the growing swells of mis-information, dis-information and mal-information, one has to be selective in sifting through pounds of fantasy for an ounce of reality.

Gold: How DC Screwed You, And Now Itself - BullionBuzz - BMG
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The recent Tucker Carlson/President Putin interview, for example, drew passionate reaction depending upon whether or not one views Putin as Hitler 2.0 or a Realpolitik pragmatist, Zelenskyy as George Washington reborn or a puppet thespian, or Tucker Carlson as a media lightweight or aw-shucks truth seeker.

Up for discussion: Stick to the math; Putin getting cheeky; debt matters; the big rub; where the rubber meets the road for investors; stocks, gold, BTC and bonds; be careful you near-term dragon slayers; longer-term wisdom; gold matters; the SGE matters; gold withdrawals—scary or bullish; how the West mistakenly created a new gold/oil order; the West forced to acknowledge gold’s monetary role; and a fork in the road.