GOLD HITS ALL-TIME HIGH: Hope Dies, Gold Rises! - BullionBuzz - BMG

GOLD HITS ALL-TIME HIGH: Hope Dies, Gold Rises!

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Matthew Piepenburg

On the heels of gold surging to all-time highs, hitting $2,138 at one point, it appears that hope is beginning to die for the global economy and the banking system. But the rise to the upside for gold is just beginning.

GOLD HITS ALL-TIME HIGH: Hope Dies, Gold Rises! - BullionBuzz - BMG
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Up for discussion: Hope dies, gold rises; denying a recession; then comes the anger; next, the bargaining and the depression; finally, stone-cold acceptance; deflation, inflation and a neutered dollar ahead; falling tax receipts + rising deficits = super QE; relative strength is still no strength—brace for inflationary end-game; no good options left; accepting bond market reality; smart money and dumb money—both wrong; missing the importance of UST over-supply; this is how currencies die; milk-shake straws and sponges won’t save the dollar; too late for austerity; gold investors see what few are willing to accept.

“Your currency is about to lose even more of its already diluted purchasing power.”

“Gold investors, whether on Main Street, Wall Street or among a BRICS+ nations, of course, are not afraid to see (and accept) this.”

“Even central banks see this: They are net sellers of USTs and buying physical gold at record levels.”