Gold and Silver: Two Pictures

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Jim Willie

The financial system is fracturing and imploding. The monetary system is being undermined in a true Weimar sense. Since 2001, a financial world war has been in progress with the imposition of anti-terrorism statutes, with a seminal event in 2008 for the bond implosion. Quantitative easing was installed in 2012, better described as hyper-monetary inflation. When the REPO market exploded on the scene in September 2019, the death of the US dollar began in earnest. When the sequence of CARES stimulus bills was enacted, infinite QE was assured. A total sunset on the dollar—the global reserve currency—was near. The global financial reset is officially in progress. A new age is on the horizon.

Gold and Silver: Two Pictures | BullionBuzz
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The working trade-based gold standard comes, alongside a practical industrial silver standard. Gold and silver are the hedges against systemic financial failure. For many decades, precious metals have served as hedges for inflation, both price inflation and monetary inflation. With the current situation having turned critical for economic sabotage, gold will become the monetary core of the new system, and silver will become the energy and technology core.

The gold market is completely fractured, and under siege by delivery demands. Utter desperation will set in, if it hasn’t already. The move toward $5,000 gold is afoot. Exciting times lie ahead.

Up for discussion: gold to $2,500 per ounce; silver to $50 per ounce; and the hokey pandemic.

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