The Amazing Untold Facts about Gold and Silver Investing

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by SRSRocco

Most precious metals investors don’t understand the important fundamental factor in acquiring and holding gold and silver. While most precious metals analysts promote investing in gold and silver due to debt, derivatives and the highly leveraged money supply, they fail to warn about the Energy Impact Factor.

The Amazing Untold Facts about Gold and Silver Investing | BullionBuzz
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In his newest video update, St. Angelo discusses why energy is the primary driver of the economy and will be the leading force pushing gold and silver to new highs. Analysts suggesting that the value of gold should be based on the debt backing the dollar do not account for the energy that allows the money supply to function.

The world’s central banks hold little silver compared to gold. In fact, they hold 1,000 times more gold (value) than silver. This will make silver the future’s go-to asset.

In the video, Jean-Marc Jancovici explains that the classical economists totally disregard the resource in their models. Thus, not only is classical economics taught in universities useless, even the Austrian School of Economics ignores the resource base and does not truly understand the thermodynamics of oil depletion or the falling EROI (energy returned on investment).

Jancovici says the peak of the US shale oil industry would be the peak of global GDP—for good. Virtually no economists understand this. Thus, the peak of US shale oil production will help collapse the highly leveraged fiat monetary debt-based system. It would be wise to own precious metals at this time. Those who try to time the collapse to get into precious metals might find their assets won’t buy as much then as they will now.

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