Gold up 8% in First Half 2017; Builds on 8.5% Gain in 2016

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Mark O’Byrne

“The reasons for diversification continue to grow every day, mainly due to fear trades and poor economic management. Where should we start?”

Gold up 8% in First Half 2017; Builds on 8.5% Gain in 2016 | BullionBuzz“Worsening relations in the Middle East, worries over North Korea’s nuclear program and therefore US-China relations, Brexit uncertainty, the gaping difference between central banks’ monetary policies, lack of progress in US Congress and finally the looming threat of inflation following on from years of QE around the world.”

“Whilst gold and silver may not have performed to the same extent they did in the first half of 2016, we can be assured as they have performed well despite a bearish environment in terms of US and western sentiment.”

“The primary cause of the global financial crisis was insolvent banks and massive debt in all segments of society.  This has yet to be addressed in any sustainable manner.”

“Arguably, the financial position of banks and even more so western sovereign nations is in a far worse place than in 2008 whilst political instability is very real and poses very real risks to markets and risk assets.”

“Gold and silver’s continuing gains reflect both the massive global financial bubble and increasing geopolitical dangers.”

“Investment and savings diversification is now more important than ever.”

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