Why You Should “Follow the Money” on The Yellow (and Silver) Brick Road

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by David Smith

Since the Federal Reserve detached the dollar from the gold standard in 1971, the world’s central bankers have flooded the world with fiat currency to the point of diminishing its purchasing power to shadow status.

Why You Should "Follow the Money" on The Yellow (and Silver) Brick Road | BMG Group Inc.
Silver and gold surfaces.

The US still enjoys—so far—a 10-year stock market bull run, low employment and fairly stable consumer prices. But it is piling up massive long-term debts that have little chance of being paid back at anything near today’s purchasing power.

Pouring more electronic bytes into the system in order to stimulate growth is having the opposite effect. Fiat currency simply floats to the top of the heap where it fuels market bubbles, stock buybacks, bigger management bonuses and investments in billion-dollar (non) startups like WeWork.

Meanwhile, Russia has become the world’s third-largest gold producer (after China and Australia) and continues to import even more, with central banks doing the same.

Central banks (the Dutch National Bank for one) are starting to come clean about their love-hate relationship with gold, hinting that it just might have some redeeming features.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that profound structural changes are in store for the world’s financial system.

As China, Russia and other key players attempt to re-rate the US dollar from reserve currency, top-dog status to a common currency, we should pay attention and adjust our personal financial profiles accordingly.

We don’t need to predict exactly when a surprise move for gold and silver will take place in order to protect ourselves by having some metal insurance.

David quotes Nick Barisheff: “The small minority of wealth preservationists will sleep well with their physical gold and silver, while the majority of the asset management industry are likely to have nightmares for many years.”

Act soon to acquire enough physical gold and silver so you can sleep well, counting your Maple Leafs and Silver Eagles, while others are counting sheep.

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