Five Big Lies about Precious Metals Investing Exposed

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Stefan Gleason

Physical precious metals serve a unique role in an investment portfolio. Unlike stocks and bonds, gold and silver can be held entirely outside of the financial system. They carry zero counterparty risk and represent wealth in tangible form.

Five Big Lies about Precious Metals Investing Exposed - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Businessmen put on the mask of lies, falsehood and politics,Business people wear masks with long noses

Unfortunately, investors must often navigate through a barrage of fake news, myths, misinformation and fraudulent pitches surrounding precious metals before arriving at the simple truth: You don’t buy bullion to get rich quick; you buy it to preserve wealth over time against the threats of currency depreciation and financial crisis.

Opting for common, low-premium bullion products that sell close to spot prices is the most efficient way to invest.

That’s precious metals investing in a nutshell. But if you listen to financial and monetary establishment mouthpieces, you’ll likely be misled.

The five lies that are up for discussion: Gold isn’t money; silver isn’t money; precious metals are too risky for the typical investor; cryptocurrency is more valuable than hard currency; and collectible coins are better investments than bullion coins.

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