Fed One Meeting Away from Creating A Doomsday Market Sinkhole

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Brandon Smith

It’s strange to think that the Fed helped trigger the crash of 2008, the consequences of which we are still dealing with. It takes time for economic disasters to develop; there are many people that have no clue what happened in 2008 because they were in elementary school when it happened.

Fed One Meeting Away from Creating A Doomsday Market Sinkhole - Bullion Buzz - Nick's Top Six
Business man bankrupt. Doomsday sinkhole concept.

This is how the establishment is able to get away with the negative changes to the US national standard of living—because these changes usually happen over the course of decades and almost no one notices.

But there comes a point in any financial collapse where the floor is as thin as it will ever get. When the next shoe drops it’s going to break right through, along with all the furniture. At this stage there is no slow-moving crash, everything goes at once. We have already seen this scenario in action, and again, not many people remember the event.

Up for discussion: What most people have forgotten; the next deliberately engineered economic crisis; and prepare today, because tomorrow will be too late.

The conclusion: Get prepared. Price inflation is already here and climbing credit costs are on the way. Stock staples that you use regularly. Buy today so you don’t have to shop at the much higher prices of tomorrow. If you have debt, deal with it now, and don’t take on any new debt if you can help it.

Do not expect that borrowing at fixed rates today will assure you fixed rates tomorrow.

Invest in commodities that don’t lose value to inflation, especially physical precious metals. There will come a time all too soon when street prices of gold and silver will explode far beyond the fake paper-gold markets.

Organize with people in your community. Trade must decentralize and localize to survive stagflation, and each community is going to need producers and marketplaces to facilitate the shift. We can no longer rely on the supply chain and the global economy; we will have to relearn how to provide for ourselves.

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