The Fed Has Its Finger on The Button of A Nuclear Debt Bomb

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Brandon Smith

We could be witnessing the first shots fired in a global economic war as the Trump administration prepares to implement trade tariffs. This could provide cover for attacks on the US fiscal system Fed Has Finger on Button of A Nuclear Debt Bomb | BullionBuzzby China, Japan, Russia, the EU, OPEC nations, etc., the ultimate being a dumping of their US debt holdings and the death of the dollar’s world reserve status.

Of course, an economic war between nations would be a smokescreen for an even more insidious internal war being waged against the global economy by central banks.

There is a misconception that central banks always manipulate economic conditions to make them appear healthy. According to the evidence, these private institutions have also deliberately created financial crises and collapses.

Why would central bankers crash a system they benefit from? This question is drawn from a flawed understanding of the situation.

In order to explain today’s era of burgeoning crisis and how central banks like the Fed are feeding the fire of disaster, Smith discusses the consumer, corporate and national debt bombs, focusing on how the Fed can and will trigger an explosion, a controlled demolition of America’s financial system.

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