The Cracks in the Financial System are Getting Bigger… Here’s What It Could Mean for Gold

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Doug Casey

Casey interviews Frank Giustra, a world-class businessman who built Yorkton Securities into a powerhouse and then founded Lionsgate Entertainment. He’s a first-rate judge of the markets—one of the best at seeing turning points and understanding trends. He’s also one of the few financiers in the Master of the Universe class that understands gold and economics.

Cracks in Financial System are Getting Bigger... Here's What It Could Mean for Gold | BullionBuzz
Lone figure walks with shadow stretched across cracked and textured floor

Some of the questions Casey puts to Giustra:

Last time around, the Fed was able to paper over the crisis and create a 10-year bull market in stocks. Is the Fed out of ammo this time?

Do you think negative nominal interest rates are coming to the US? If so, what do you think the effects will be?

Negative interest rates incentivize bad behaviour. Savers will be decimated, and borrowers will be rewarded. What will the effects of that be?

What do you think the role of gold will be as the international monetary system evolves?

Countries like China and Russia are buying substantial amounts of gold. In a world where fiat currencies aren’t trusted, do you think that gold will play a role in building trust between countries?

Recently, we’ve seen gold break through to multi-year highs. What do you think comes next in this gold bull market, and where do you think it’s ultimately going?

And finally, how do people manage their risk in an environment like this?

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