Corruption of The Currency And Decivilization

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Claudio Grass

“The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is arguably one the most studied, written about and theorized over subjects in academia, with fiery debates raging for hundreds of years among historians, sociologists and political scientists. The explanations that have been put forward to identify the causes and the circumstances that led the end of this era of human history mostly tend to focus on geopolitical factors, on social shifts within the Empire and on consequential political changes that altered the very nature of its governing system. While all those developments were certainly important and contributed to the decline of Rome, there was another momentous shift that arguably triggered, facilitated and encouraged them all, one that often goes under-discussed and its influence is widely underestimated by modern academics.”

Corruption of The Currency And Decivilization - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Handcuffs lying on american dollars, financial crime concept.

“If one really looks at the bigger picture and studies the history of the Empire objectively, it becomes clear that the first domino to fall was money itself. The manipulation and debasement of the currency was the root of all evil, of the fiscal suicide it enabled, the economic devastation expedited and the sociopolitical oppression it cleared the way for. And when we look at the sequence of events from this perspective, the fall of the Roman Empire has a lot more lessons and dire warnings to offer us today that many might have thought.”

Up for discussion: Unsound money and unsound society.

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