Central Bankers Have Declared War on Your Savings

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Andrew Moran

Central banks and federal governments have fired all their bullets, from subzero interest rates to money printing. The next thing could be giving deposits a haircut, as in Cyprus following the recession. This is under review right now, as globalist bankers look at fiscal and monetary measures to confiscate, directly or indirectly, your wealth.

Central Bankers Have Declared War on Your Savings | BullionBuzz
Two businessmen tug a rope to grab at savings

Switzerland is one of the few European nations to record a federal budget surplus. Although national debt levels are still at multi-decade highs, the fact that the government is taking red ink seriously should be music to the ears of fiscal conservatives. But to others, it is headache-inducing.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) complains that Switzerland is unwilling to spend like some of its European partners. It said the Swiss are saving too much and spending too little, despite having the third-highest GDP per capita of all OECD members.

Other European states (Germany, the Netherlands) are also living within their means. You would think that these states would be championed; not so.

Recently, ECB President Christine Lagarde bemoaned their surpluses, complaining that they would be better off spending on infrastructure and education. Desperate for growth, Lagarde says that the only way to grow an economy is through government intervention.

This is now the opinion of the international monetary order. Take care; the globalists are coming for your savings, and they have already declared war on your piggy bank, emergency fund and retirement investments.

Following the global financial crisis, central banks worldwide axed interest rates to historic lows. When the ZIRPs failed, some jurisdictions brought them into the subzero range. Today, a handful of countries have adopted negative rates, and many are on the brink of slipping into this terrain.

The expanding money supply; negative interest rates; the integration of a cashless society – the globalist wardens have you under their thumb at all times. Your wealth, your livelihood and your personal life are in the orbit of the state. The globalists have declared war on mom-and-pop savers, pillaging bank accounts and conquering lives. As long as the omnipotent institutions remain in charge, optimism over sound economics can only fade to black.

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