The Catalyst That Will Send the Price of Gold Flying…

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Dr. Stephen Leeb

Currently, commodities are soaring while gold is trailing… but why?

The Catalyst That Will Send the Price of Gold Flying… - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Pure gold bullion in the mold.

This time around it’s a different ball game and the stakes are high. If gold starts performing well (which is inevitable but not necessarily imminent), it will give people the idea that gold should be accepted as a currency rather than the US dollar.

There are covert powers that want gold to supplant the dollar and they are creating a lot of short positions on the part of people in the US, and all over the world, who also want to see gold lowered.

However, gold is the only rival to the dollar.

Up for discussion: Who is suppressing the price of gold; economic conflict turning hot; what is driving other commodities; the stakes for gold are extremely high; and final thoughts.

“Even if I’m dead wrong on gold, do not omit silver from your portfolio. It’s an industrial commodity the world desperately needs for technology. If you have a computer in front of you, you’re using silver. If you have a cell phone in your hand, you’re using silver.”

“Silver is one of the best conductors of both electricity and heat in the world. You can’t build a photovoltaic cell or a solar panel without it.”

“And, if for some reason you think I’m crazy when I say you’ve got to own gold because it’s going to be an essential backdrop of the new monetary system… that’s fine… buy silver instead.”

“It’s a necessity right now to have both gold and silver in your portfolio.”

Gold may have already hit its bottom. Use this period as a buying opportunity. Own gold and silver for financial safety and security.

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