The Bullish Case for $30 Silver

by Sean Williams

It’s been a volatile year for the stock market, with some notable market leaders still struggling to get back to their baselines. In particular, biotech stocks and money centre banks have largely underperformed in 2016.

The Bullish Case for $30 SilverThat hasn’t been the case for physical precious metals or precious metal mining stocks, which are among the year’s top performers. With physical gold up more than $250 an ounce year to date (24%), 14 of 22 gold mining stocks with market valuations of at least $300 million have more than doubled in 2016. Upward momentum has been even more pronounced with physical silver and silver mining stocks. Spot silver prices are up better than $5 an ounce (37%) year to date, with all 6 silver miners with valuations above $300 million at least doubling in price. These stocks are the standouts this year.

Williams discusses the bullish case for silver; growing demand; low opportunity cost; closing the gold-silver gap; and three silver miners that are well positioned to take advantage of rising silver prices.


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