Real Wealth Protection | Brandon White, BMG Business Development Manager/Analyst
Brandon White
Business Development Manager/Analyst

It is said, that it isn’t just how much money you have when you retire that will determine your lifestyle during retirement; it is also about how lucky you are in the first years of retirement that determines whether you will outlive your savings.

This webinar covers:

  • Your concerns that the rising costs of living will outstrip your savings before you leave your estate to your beneficiaries
  • Your needing to work into your 80’s or beyond
  • Your concerns that you may have to move in with your children if the costs of living continue to erode your retirement plans
  • Your concerns that the next market event (or crisis) will be one that you may not fully recover from
  • Planning on retiring? If a market crash happened this fall, would you still be able to retire on your schedule?
  • How much longer can this stock bull market continue?
  • Should you be worried about your pension?
  • Why does the media ignore the growing debt levels?
  • Last time, the central banks bailed out the banks in the crisis. Next time, it will be the depositors and stockholders who ‘bail-in’ the banks. If you don’t know what a ‘bail-in’ is, then you need to

Learn how you can take action now on how to best protect your retirement dreams from the ravages of the markets, inflation and government policy. Some will enjoy caviar in their retirement – others will be eating something else out of a can.

Don’t let your apathy or hope determine your future. You can do something about it.