BMG Management Services Inc. Launches Class D For Retail Investors

Markham, ON – (February 22, 2018) – BMG Management Services Inc. (“BMS”), the manager of the BMG Funds, today announced that it has launched Class D units for its three mutual funds, offering each of these at a reduced cost to Canadians that invest through discount brokerages. Class D units provide self-directed investors with access to a full suite of mutual funds at a lower cost.

“Launching Class D units across our mutual fund lineup demonstrates our commitment to providing investors with effective solutions to best meet their investment needs, and we look forward to catering to this growing segment of the market,” said Nick Barisheff, President and CEO, BMG Group Inc.

BMS offers Class D units of BMG Funds through discount brokerage platforms for “do-it-yourself” investors. The investor does not receive investment or financial advice. BMS’ Class D units have a total management fee of 1.50%, which includes a trailer fee of 0.25% to compensate the discount brokerage firm for providing the service. No sales charges apply when an investor buys or sells Class D units of the BMG Funds. Instead, a fee may have to be paid directly to the discount broker.

Investors in Class D units enjoy lower management fees with the benefit of making their own investment decisions versus holding Class A units at 2.25%. There are no additional fees to switch to Class D units from any other class of the same BMG Fund.

BMG BullionFund, BMG Gold BullionFund and BMG Silver BullionFund (BMG Funds) are open-end mutual fund trusts that can be purchased and redeemed daily at net asset value. BMG Funds have the same liquidity as gold, silver and platinum bullion, because bullion is purchased from and sold into the global bullion markets.


About BMS

BMS is a subsidiary of BMG Group Inc. (“BMG”). Founded in 2002, BMG is a dedicated guardian of physical bullion. BMS and BMG are both based in Markham, Ontario. BMS offers the BMG Funds to interested investors, and BMG offers a wide range of physical bullion products designed for portfolio diversification and wealth preservation. BMG bullion products, including the BMG Funds, are stored on an allocated and insured basis within the  London Bullion Marketing Association (LBMA) member vaults.  BMG was the first precious metals bullion management company in Canada to become an Associate Member of the LBMA, an honour it shares with the Royal Canadian Mint, the Crown Corporation that produces Canada’s currency. This validation and endorsement is only bestowed upon firms that meet the LBMA’s rigorous industry standards on refining, reliable trading and Good Delivery practices. BMG is also an Associate Member of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA) and a Signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). The PRI is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment.


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