Bullion Management Group Inc. (BMG) Announces Availability of New Silver and Platinum Bullion Products

10-ounce and 100-ounce Silver Bars, and 1-ounce Platinum Maple Leaf Coins Available While Supplies Last

Toronto, ON – July 14, 2015 — Today, Bullion Management Group Inc. (BMG) announced the immediate availability of 10-ounce silver bars, 100-ounce silver bars, 10-ounce silver bars in boxes of 50, and 1-ounce platinum Maple Leaf coins in tubes of ten, enabling BMG clients to further diversify their physical bullion holdings. These silver and platinum bullion products are available in limited supply.

“The addition of these bars and coins to our full roster of bullion products will give our clients more liquidity and allocated storage options, thus improving their wealth preservation strategy,” said Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of BMG, and author of $10,000 Gold: Why Gold’s Inevitable Rise Is the Investor’s Safe Haven.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins Still Available

The popularity of silver coins has led to shortages of 2015 silver American Eagles from the United States Mint. BMG is pleased to offer 1-ounce silver Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint in Monster Boxes of 500 coins. These highly sought-after coins are in great demand due to low spot silver prices, and are only available while supplies last.

Allocated and Insured Storage

Clients who purchase physical bullion from BMG’s  BullionBars™ program can rest assured their bullion is held on an allocated and insured basis within LBMA-member vaults. With worldwide storage options through Brinks and Scotiabank, BMG bullion holders can store their bars and coins in a variety of geographic locations, either within the traditional banking system or via alternative storage, depending on their individual needs.

“Providing our clients with competitively priced, secure, worldwide bullion storage options means that, unlike investors who buy gold stocks, derivatives, proxies and other forms of paper bullion, BMG clients are protected against counterparty risk. Holders of unallocated bullion do not own specific bullion bars; they merely have a debt obligation from the issuer. As a result, they take the risk that their bullion may be leased out without their knowledge or consent, or that the implied bullion may not be there at all,” said Mr. Barisheff. “Bullion stored on an allocated basis does not form part of the custodian’s assets, and may not be leased into the market or used in any way. In the event of bankruptcy or insolvency, bullion bars stored on an allocated basis are not subject to third-party claims.”

New Product Availability

As part of BMG’s commitment to provide clients with a variety of physical bullion products, a limited supply of 10-ounce and 100-ounce silver bars, and 1-ounce platinum Maple Leaf coins, are available for immediate purchase. Visit www.bmgbullionbars.com for a full list of BMG BullionBars™ products.

About BMG

Founded in 2002, BMG is a dedicated guardian of physical bullion. BMG is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in multiple countries including Panama and the United Kingdom. The company offers a wide range of physical bullion products designed for portfolio diversification and wealth preservation. BMG bullion products are stored on an allocated and insured basis within LBMA-member vaults. BMG was the first precious metals bullion management company in Canada to become an Associate Member of the LBMA, an honour it shares with the Royal Canadian Mint, the Crown Corporation that produces Canada’s currency. This validation and endorsement is only bestowed upon firms that meet the LBMA’s rigorous industry standards on refining, reliable trading and Good Delivery practices.


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