$35,000 Gold: But Gold’s Initial Surge Will Be A Wakeup Call

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Gerald Celente

As the world lurches through the 4th turning, we are heading toward $35,000 gold, but gold’s initial surge will be a wakeup call.

$35,000 Gold: But Gold’s Initial Surge Will Be A Wakeup Call - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Gold rising arrow concept

Celente discusses the initial target for gold ($5,000); gold’s initial surge will be a wakeup call; the 1970s versus today; $35,000 gold; sanctions not going as planned for the US and the EU; and sanctions have made a terrible situation worse.

“My hope is the US will come to grips with the reality that it lacks the tools to deal with fundamental commodity scarcities. In today’s world, having a say in commodity distribution is far more important than being able to print all the money you want. You don’t have to connect too many dots to realize that the only real option, short of engineering a severe and possibly catastrophic recession or starting a nuclear war, is to accept a new monetary system along the lines I have suggested. The good news is that, as I’ve argued before, it’s a path that offers the best chance of restoring the kind of genuine American greatness we enjoyed in the past but have squandered in recent decades.”

“But whether the US sees the light or not about cooperating in a new monetary system, gold and other commodities are headed for the stratosphere as many other assets crash and burn. Yes, there could be extreme volatility, but for investors, it doesn’t seem like a hard choice to make.”

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