What Is The Fair Value of Gold?

by Tyler Durden

Fair value of gold? | Having detailed yesterday the manipulation in the precious metals markets that implies the bear market in bullion is an artificial creation, we thought the following ‘rational’ chart effort at ‘valuing’ gold may provide some frame of reference for the level of riggedness occurring…

Gold fair value, measured by a GDP-weighted average of global central bank’s balance sheet expansion, as of Jul 2015

Source: @CarpathiaCap

As we concluded previously,

[notice] Clearly the demand for physical metal is very high, and the ability to meet this demand is constrained. Yet, the prices of bullion the furutres market have consisently fallen during this entire period. The only possible explanation is manipulation[/notice]

It is unlikely that regulatory authorities are unaware of the fraudulent manipulation of bullion prices. The fact that nothing is done about it is an indication of the lawlessness that prevails in US financial markets.

Today, there is no “official” price for gold, nor any “gold-exchange standard” competing with a semi-underground free gold market.

There is, however, a material legacy of “real versus pseudo” gold that remains a terrible menace. Buyer beware of the pivotal difference between the two.


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