We're On The EDGE Of A Financial CLIFF | Nick Barisheff | BMG
We're On the Edge of A Financial Cliff | Nick Barisheff | BMG

We’re seeing markets rolling over, but this is just the beginning, stated Nick Barisheff to Dunagun Kaiser of Liberty And Finance . This is not going to be a dip. This is going to be a collapse. This crisis could devastate investors, or it could be an opportunity of a lifetime for those who can see it coming and invest accordingly.

Nick discusses a study commissioned by BMG in 2005, which showed the benefits of holding precious metals to optimize a portfolio. Ibbotson’s study concluded that an investor can potentially improve the reward-to-risk ratio in conservative, moderate and aggressive asset allocations by including precious metals with allocations of 7.1%, 12.5% and 15.7%, respectively.

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