Sudden Escalation: US Warships Fire Missiles Into Syria

by Chris Martenson

The US has launched a missile strike against Syria. The ostensible reason for the attack is that Syria was accused of using a toxic nerve agent against its own civilians, killing upwards of 100 people. The claim of using poison gas rests on a small number of ‘eyewitness’ accounts, which are useless in a time of war.

Sudden Escalation: US Warships Fire Missiles Into Syria | BullionBuzzMartenson says going to war with Russia is a bad idea. Of course, how Russia responds will determine everything. But the Russia people are supportive of Putin and overwhelmingly believe that they are being cornered into a war they don’t want by nefarious and aggressive western forces.

With this mindset, it’s not hard to imagine a hardened resolve emerging in Russia to act in self-defense. Hopefully things quiet down from here and Putin, once again, proves to be a cool and calm player.

If a war begins, the US military will find out if its anti-missile technologies are a match for Russian anti-ship missile technology. We may see a sudden reversal of fortunes that knocks the US military down a peg or two.

That risk leads to a dumping of US dollars by foreign entities that no longer feel they have to hold them out of a forced sense of allegiance. That is, things could quickly spiral out of control, and a full-out war between America and Russia could get a lot worse than a weakened currency.

Virtually zero news commentators are discussing this right now, revealing that US concerns are not about protecting civilians from death and destruction.

The nerve gas event in Syria could have been created by either side (or sides), and the Syrian government had the least reason to do it. It was already winning, and would have known that such a move would have resulted in something like the attack that just happened.

Martenson thinks that Trump got suckered into this. But now it’s done, and we will have to see what happens next.


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