Silver Way Undervalued

by Adam Hamilton

Silver remains undervalued relative to its primary driver—gold—so silver’s young bull market is far from over. The metal’s upside from hereSilver Way Underway is still massive as it mean-reverts higher with gold.
Silver’s strong new bull market this year is both far too young and far too small to give up anytime soon. Silver remains quite low in both absolute terms and relative to gold, its primary driver. Silver still has to power much higher merely to mean-revert to normal levels compared to today’s prevailing gold prices, let alone where gold is heading in its own bull market.

Corrections within ongoing silver bulls are normal and healthy, rebalancing sentiment by eradicating greed rampant at the preceding interim highs. They offer bulls’ best opportunities to buy relatively low ahead of future up-legs. Silver’s 2016 bull is alive and well despite the recent correction-weakened sentiment. Once gold inevitably starts powering higher again, silver will follow and amplify gold’s gains as it usually does.


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