Silver Prices Setting Up to Soar: $50 an Ounce Silver Possible

by Moe Zulfiquar

Investors looking for the next big trade shouldn’t ignore silver prices. The precious metal could be setting up to jump; it wouldn’t be shocking to see silver prices Silver Prices Setting Up to Soar: $50 an Ounce Silver Possible | BullionBuzzshoot to their 2011 highs—around $50.00—in a few years.

Zulfiquar’s silver price outlook is not based on a gut feeling. The fundamentals of the silver market, and several other factors, suggest this could be possible.

Before jumping to any conclusions and buying into the mainstream narrative of precious metal being useless for one’s portfolio, the first thing that investors must pay attention to is supply and demand in the silver market.

Zulfiquar discusses soaring silver demand throughout the world; institutional investors coming back in force; dwindling silver supply; exploration spending being slashed; what’s next for the silver price; silver mining companies; and other factors that are boosting the silver price.

To conclude, the silver price shouldn’t be ignored, and the big gains could be made with silver miners.


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