Silver Prices and the Russian Connection

by Gary Christenson

Silver almost reached $50.00 in April 2011. It crashed to a low under $14 in December 2015, and currently sits at about $16.

Silver Prices and the Russian Connection | BullionBuzzSilver is currently too low when compared to the S&P 500 Index. We live in a world of exponentially increasing debt, banker profits, silver prices, monetary nonsense and more. Silver prices increase exponentially, along with debt, currency in circulation and consumer prices.

Assume that debt will continue to increase, and that the last 17 years of silver prices tell the story.

Charts show that the next major move for silver will be up. According to Ted Butler, J.P. Morgan Chase is becoming more aggressive in acquiring physical silver and gold, while at the same time reducing its COMEX short position in each almost as aggressively. It’s hard, he says, to imagine a more bullish backdrop for futures prices.

Bill Holter says that deflation will destroy financial assets until fiat currencies (including the dollar) are destroyed. The coming credit event will wipe out currencies, and the result of grossly lower or worthless currencies is hyperinflation.

Currencies are created by increasing debt and are backed by nothing but hope, faith and confidence. Exponentially increasing debt is not sustainable. How long before the dollar, pound, yen and euro begin to resemble the Venezuelan and Argentinian currencies?

It is more sensible to own physical silver, knowing it is grossly undervalued compared to the S&P, national debt, total sovereign debt, and more.

Meanwhile, Russia is being blamed for everything from Hillary losing the election to slowing retail sales. Perhaps we should not be so quick to point a finger.


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