Silver — My Favourite Asset

by Independent Trader

The author talks about the various myths associated with silver, addresses them here, and refreshes what we know about the metal.

Silver—My Favourite AssetUp for discussion: Is silver an industrial or monetary metal; the depth of the market; the gold/silver ratio; historical versus today’s prices; volatility in the silver market; and coins or bars.

In summary, he says: “I am sure that now you know why silver ranks so high in my portfolio. Although, playing against central banks I believe that this metal in just a few years is going to give a decent profit. Max Keiser is a bit dreamy when he announces 500 USD/oz, at least without hyperinflation, but 100 USD/oz is a definitely viable target.”

“There is also one last advantage of silver. You can keep it outside the system giving you the opportunity to prevent a lot of problems during potential debt reset, banking crisis and consequences surely to follow.”


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