How Much Gold and Silver Do You Need for Retirement?

by Gary Christenson

“You want to retire soon, but you don’t trust debt based fiat currency paper assets. Besides, the stock market looks toppy and bonds have about run their 30+ year bull market to its inevitable and ugly end – as indicated by negative interest rates, QE, helicopter money, ZIRP, central bank insanity and more.”

How Much Gold and Silver Do You Need for Retirement?“How much stacked gold and silver do you need to retire? It clearly depends upon your individual situation – your age, expenses, other income, medical expenses, and more.”

Christenson provides a method for calculating how much gold and silver you need for retirement, including assumptions, conclusions, and examples.

In closing he says: “We don’t know what the next twenty years will bring, but based on the last 3,000 years we can reasonably expect massively more debt, more central banker control over economies, unfulfilled promises from politicians, devalued fiat currencies, monetary crises, wars, diminishing middle class, and that gold and silver will remain money and continue as a store of value.”


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