Massive Defaults & Dramatic Increase in Gold

Greg Hunter of USAWatchDog goes one-on-one with Nick Barisheff.  Gold expert and author of “$10,000 Gold,” Nick says all markets are manipulated and fraudulent. Barisheff predicts, “This has been happening in all markets. When you have a manipulated market, at some point in time, you have a massive correction back to what would be the norm. It usually overshoots the norm. It’s like keeping a balloon under the water. Sooner or later, it’s going to pop. That’s what we’ve got now.”

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  1. bobi Tweddell

    I have heeded your warnings Nick since 1985 and have acquired much gold and silver since then. I wonder why I am still waiting for the disaster. I would appreciate an answer.

  2. Monica Gaudet

    From BMGAdmin For Nick Barisheff

    We can fully appreciate how you feel. It has been a long and arduous chore to watch the price manipulations and the wanton abandonment of free market principles in the effort to maintain a strong USD. The direct intervention by governments and central banks has proven hugely profitable for Wall Street at the expense of the average working man and woman. The suffering we have endured, should have ended a long time ago with a much higher gold price.

    The continued creep and destruction of capital can sometimes be hard to identify as not all market events come with headlines. It is good from time to time to step back from it all and consider the speed at which it is happening. In many ways, it is like watching a slow moving train-wreck… with no caboose in sight.

    In our email to you, we have attached an article, written by Jim Quinn, where he writes about how sometimes things happen so slowly around us that we hardly seem to notice (like how parents often forget about the rate of their children’s growth – but grandparents ALWAYS notice.) I hope the article gives you cause for reflection on the rate of change. If you are like me, and you likely are, you would like the story to end immediately with a much higher gold price and less government intervention in capital markets. I feel compelled to share a well-worn phrase from one of the most influential bankers the world has ever known, and architect of the Bretton Woods Agreement, John Maynard Keynes: “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

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