Market Crash | A Video Compilation | 3rd Edition

Are you concerned about what you see happening in the political and economic environment today?   In early 2020, economies were at the end of an 11-year bull market. Fast-forward two years, and the world is facing tectonic shifts in society, markets, government policies and now Russia is at war with the Ukraine. Have you questioned the sanity of owning physical bullion, or been tempted to get out of your current bullion position? If either of these is true, then the following videos are for you.

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We have carefully prepared this link for you and the people you care about by selecting: special presentations, lectures and interviews from some of the best and brightest minds in economics and finance. 

With a small investment of your time, experts like Martin Armstrong, Ray Dalio, Jim Rickards and many others whose names are synonymous with wealth preservation and investment, will give you hope for our future. With this investment you will either affirm the convictions or dispel the myths you’ve had about the value of physical bullion.

No one can stop the changes that are happening in the world. It has been said that “The only constant is change.” You can either take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or pretend that tomorrow will look like yesterday. Will you let this opportunity pass you by?

By the end of these thoughtful and honest chapters, any fears, doubts or questions about your precious metals exposure will all but have disappeared – with the possible exception that you may wonder, “Do I have enough?”  This disk will be a mental journey for you and when you reach the end, the only real fear you will have will be about the other assets you own.

May your future be a prosperous one!


Title: Why Stocks are Crashing | The 2022 Stock Market Crash Explained
Speaker: Investor Center
Summary: This video talks about why stocks are falling and the 2022 stock market crash. The stock market started out 2022 at or near all time highs. However, since then, the stock market has declined

Time: 00:13:46

Title: EVERYONE’S Lying!! A BIGGER Crash Is Coming
Speaker: Casgains Academy
Summary: Michael Burry made billions not once, not twice, but three times. That’s right, after predicting the dot-com bubble and the 2008 recession, he also predicted the most recent market correction. The market has already dropped significantly but Burry believes that this is just the start of much more to come. He actually still sees the market crashing over 50% more from the current levels. This video will cover how Burry has already made millions and how you can hedge your portfolio just like Burry.

Time: 00:12:40

Title: “The Crash Will Be WORSE Than 2008” | Peter Schiff’s Last WARNING
Speaker: Peter Schiff on FreeNvesting
Summary: Peter Schiff was warning about the 2008 financial crisis before it happened. “The crisis that’s coming is going to be far worse than anything that was experienced in 2008,” says the economist.

Time: 00:21:44

Title: “Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming…” – Charlie Munger’s Last WARNING
Speaker: Charlie Munger on FreeNVesting
Summary: Charlie Munger warns investors of what’s ahead for the markets. He says, the trouble that’s coming could be worse and harder to fix than what was experienced during Volcker’s era that ended up with a huge recession.

Time: 00:16:56

Title: Jeremy Grantham Explains Why America Is Entering A Horrific Financial Crisis….
Speaker: Jeremy Grantham on Millionaires Investment Secrets
Summary: Wall Street titan Jeremy Grantham has been warning of a “Super Bubble” in the U.S. since last year, arguing the S&P 500 is set to be cut in half as an era marked by exceedingly risky investor behavior begins to fade. So far, his prediction about the S&P 500 has proved to be prescient, if a little dramatic, as the index is now down roughly 20% year to date. Stocks, particularly in the once high-flying tech sector, have been hammered as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates in hopes of combating levels of inflation not seen in four decades. Grantham is also warning that the U.S. may be headed toward a housing crisis as mortgage rates soar, and the effects on the economy could be devastating. Grantham’s thesis is that US stocks are in a “Super Bubble”, an upgrade on last year’s diagnosis of “an epic bubble”, and that the US has seen only three other such extreme events in the past 100 years – the Wall Street crash of 1929, the turn-of-the-millennium dot-com mania and the housing market madness of 2006. All those three super bubbles went through the specific events which triggered the super bubble burst and now all those episodes are over, Grantham reckoned, and we’re on to “the vampire phase” of the bull market, Grantham says. Grantham hasn’t always right, but he is a serious student of markets who called the dot-com and 2006-08 crashes with impressive precision.

Time: 00:16:42

Title: It’s a Doom Loop’ With Raging Inflation, Only Way Out Is Enormous Depression
Speaker: Lawrence Lepard on Stansberry Research
Summary: : “Inflation is just roasting people,” from gas to food prices, “and sadly it’s going to get worse,” warns Lawrence Lepard, Equity Management Associates Founder, and Managing Partner. “The Fed can’t print goods and services like they can print dollars,” he tells our Daniela Cambone, saying the United States will remain stuck in a doom loop if it does not reset its currency with a “sound, neutral reserve currency,” Lepard claims Powell is attempting to channel his inner Paul Volcker by raising interest rates, but with a caveat: until something within the system implodes or breaks. “I don’t think you can hide in stocks [right now], and you need to be totally out of bonds,” he asserts. Lepard holds firm that gold is the best performing asset class year-to-date, saying bitcoin will continue to coexist alongside it and both will shoot, “to the moon.” He concludes that in order to protect your money today, investors need to be in, “sound money assets,” which include: gold, silver, and bitcoin.

Time: 00:40:51

Title: World Moving to Gold – James G. Rickards
Speaker: James G. Rickards on  USAWatchdog
Summary: Five-time, best-selling financial author James G. Rickards says, “We could be in a recession right now,” but the title of his most recent book “The New Great Depression” says where we are definitely going soon. Rickards says, “The current crisis is not like 2008 or even 1929. The New Depression that has emerged from the COVID pandemic is the worst economic crisis in U.S. history. Most fired employees will remain redundant. Bankruptcies will be common, and banks will buckle under the weight of bad debts. Deflation, debt and demography will wreck any chance of recovery, and social disorder will follow closely on the heels of market chaos.”

Time: 00:16:56

Title: Going to Get Bad, Really Bad – David Morgan
Speaker: David Morgan on USAWatchdog
Summary: Last year about this time, precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan was warning about massive money printing and the so-called “everything bubble” popping.  Inflation is the pin, and it found the bloated debt bubble.  Now get ready for some pain as Morgan explains, “It’s going to get bad, and I mean really bad.  There is already mass starvation at the lower end of the economic scale in third world countries. . . . Prices are going to be untenable for many people, especially those in the middle class. When you get gasoline going up to the $5, $6, $7 range and you’ve got food going up to the level it’s gone up to and continues to go up to, it’s going to be bad.  I am focusing on real stuff, not the bond market or what the price of gold is going to do. I am talking about day-to-day living. . . . When gasoline goes from $3.50 per gallon to $5.50 per gallon and you start doing the math on how much it takes to fill up your car and drive it back and forth to work every day, all of a sudden you’ve got diminishing returns.  Then factor in what your heating bills and what your grocery bill is going to be.  So, there is going to be a lot of people at the margin, and the margin keeps moving up.  It’s a few percent of the population.  Then it’s 10% and then 20% and so on.  When food gets to be 50% of your budget, then there are food riots.  That’s the trend . . . and I think we will get there. . . . We know the ‘Arab Spring’ was not about politics.  It was about food.  We are going to see ‘Arab Springs’ spring up all over the place because of food costs and availability.  You can have a lot of money and not be able to get food too.”

Time: 00:16:56

Title: Will Inflation Cause A Stock Market Crash In 2022? – Steve Forbes | What’s Ahead | Forbes
Speaker: Steve Forbes
Summary: There are two kinds of inflation simultaneously wreaking havoc on our economy, and 2022 could be the year when inflation starts to hit the stock market adversely. But how bad will it be? Will inflation finally cause a stock market crash in 2022? Steve Forbes on what investors need to consider when it comes to the two kinds of inflation and on the darkening cloud hanging over the New Year, which is undermining the dollar’s value. What’s Ahead featuring Steve Forbes provides his insights and perspective, to stay on top of what’s happening in this ever-turbulent world with glimpses into the future. What’s Ahead airs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Time: 00:03.31

Title: Doug Casey: Big Trouble Is Coming
Speaker: Doug Casey on Compact Financial News Daily
Summary: Douglas Robert Casey is an American writer, speculator, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research. He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist influenced by the works of novelist Ayn Rand

Time: 00:08:26