Inflation: It’s a Wealth Redistribution Scheme

by Russell Lamberti

Inflation: It's a Wealth Redistribution SchemeMany central banks around the world aim to achieve an ‘inflation target’ either as a single explicit policy or as part of a set of policy goals, as pursued by the US Federal Reserve. But far from maintaining economic stability and fostering prosperity, consumer price inflation targeting practically guarantees a pernicious wealth transfer year in and year out, a perpetual duping of unsuspecting employees and companies, and a permanent blind spot to hidden inflation.

Lambert discusses what inflation is; the monetary cause of inflation; inflation as a process of wealth transfer; inflation as trickery; and solving the problem.

Inflation, he says, can and should be abolished to get ride of insidious and unjust wealth confiscation. Society can move toward this goal by:

1. Adopting a broader perspective on price inflation than just CPI to include producer prices, asset prices like stocks and houses, and even foreign exchange prices. This will allow the public to better identify the inflationary process.

2. Recognizing central banks and commercial banks as the source of inflation and including changes in the money supply (appropriately measured) as a key measure of inflation. This will start to place emphasis on understanding the winners and losers of the inflationary process.

3. Reforming the financial system to end special money creation privileges, abolishing legal tender laws that drive people toward using manipulated currencies, and allowing any private entity to issue currency in competitive markets.

Only in this holistic way can societies begin to address the gnawing pestilence of inflation foisted upon them by the financial and political elites.


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