Gold And Silver Still The Leaders in 2017

by Mark Mead Baillie

Gold is ahead of where it was this time last year, but nonetheless remains undervalued. Still, gold and silver continue to be the leading markets year-to-date.

Gold And Silver Still Leaders in 2017 | BullionBuzzAs permanently correctionless as the S&P has become, a minority of analysts are on the edge of their seats. Here are some headlines from the past few weeks: high valuations make stocks dangerous (Shiller); there’s a strange disconnect in the market (Lee); summer correction in the stock market (Gundlach); dot-com bubble deja vu (O’Rourke); eerie similarity to 2007 before the bulls were slaughtered (Kass); buy dip party may be over (Shilling); stock market is choosing to tune out any bad news (Pisani); bracing for all hell to break lose on Wall Street (Singer).

Happily, gold is on the flip side of all that. Gold and silver remain ahead of the pack in 2017.


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