Flation and the Surge of Silver

by Egon von Greyerz

In the next few years we will see inflation, deflation, stagflation and hyperinflation. Many of these ‘flations’ will happen simultaneously. Currently we have major monetary inflation combined with asset inflation. Credit growth and money printing have, in recent years, benefited the ailing banking system, but have not yet reached consumer prices, and therefore there is no ordinary price inflation.

Flation and the Surge of SilverThis is why Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and many more EU countries are totally bankrupt. These countries have been forced to use a currency that has made them completely uncompetitive and unable to export or function. At the same time, Germany has benefited from a weak euro, which has made its export industries very successful.

Von Greyerz discusses the velocity of money (which will increase in 2017); hyperinflation; why physical silver is now an attractive investment; why silver will appreciate at twice the speed of gold; and the scarcity of silver.


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