Endgame ON?

by Andy Sutton

For years now, thousands of writers have chronicled the debacle that is the US economy. Maybe at some point, someone will be able to tell us when the US economy, led by its corrupt monetary system, will finally roll over.

Endgame ON? | BullionBuzzThere is little that individuals can do about the machinations of the establishment. While many have made up their minds about all this, or are in a state of denial, there is a good deal of skepticism as well. There are quite a few people—and not just in America—who don’t believe much of anything that comes from governments, because governments have such a rich history of deception. The age of video on demand makes it easy to expose wayward politicians who can no longer claim ‘I never said that,’ not when 100 cameras are pointed at them. Along with that, however, the age of spin is upon us: ‘What I really meant was’ or ‘I was taken out of context.’ Governments are still plying their wares of deceit upon us, but there are many who are willing buyers.

“Clean up your own situation to the best of your ability. Whether it ends up being a government raid on your savings/retirement monies to delay the end of dollar hegemony or some type of cyber attack (false flag or otherwise), having financial flexibility and the ability to live without a credit card for starters is a valuable asset. In having discussions, you’ll almost certainly run across like-minded people. Cooperate with them. Discuss issues. Share ideas. America made it through the Great Depression by doing these same things and, while we don’t know when the next hardship is going to hit or what flavor of hardship it will be, we are 100% sure it’s out there somewhere. Ignoring it and living in denial won’t make it go away; it’ll only ensure that you and your family come out of it a lot worse than might have otherwise been the case. In the meantime, stay informed. Stay vigilant. And, most importantly, stay together.”


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