The Death Throes of “Money”

by Andrew Hoffman

“I have some profound thoughts early on this cold Saturday morning, of just how much destruction the world’s “powers that be” – using the “weapon of mass destruction” known as fiat currencies Death Throes of Money | BullionBuzzhave wrought on seven-plus billion people. Which more than ever, appears closer to being “counter-attacked” than ever before. On any given day, dozens of instances of what’s wrong are readily apparent, causing the understanding of why this has happened to increase exponentially – particularly as the “fake news” media has been exposed for the lying, sociopathic, regime-supporting institution it has become; whilst conversely, “alternative media” outlets like the Miles Franklin Blog become more popular, due to the mere virtue of speaking truth.”

Hoffman discusses the financial markets; rigging of the precious metals markets; non-farm payroll numbers; currency markets; China; Bitcoin; and the Federal Reserve.


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