What Is America Going to Look Like When Stocks, Home Prices and Even Used Cars all Crash by at Least 50 Percent?

by Michael Snyder

In 2008 we saw what life will be like after the bubble, but most Americans have decided that the last financial crisis was a minor bump in the road toward endless economic prosperity. The truth is that the debt-fueled standard of living that America is enjoying now is not sustainable, and after this bubble bursts it will be a painful adjustment.

What Is America Going to Look Like When Stocks, Home Prices and Even Used Cars all Crash by at Least 50 Percent? | BullionBuzzSince the last financial crisis, the US national debt has nearly doubled, corporate debt has doubled, stock valuations have reached extremes, the student loan debt bubble has surpassed a trillion dollars, the country faces the largest unfunded pension crisis in US history, and many areas face a housing bubble even worse than that of 2007/2008.

Even with the bubbles, US GDP growth has been anemic. Even if you believe the grossly manipulated numbers that the federal government puts out, the US economy grew at a miserably low rate of just 1.6% in 2016.

At this point, it is projected that US GDP will grow at an annual rate of just 0.9% during the first quarter of 2017. Anyone that tells you the US economy is in good shape is simply not being honest.

But even though things don’t look great now, they are going to look far, far worse after the biggest debt bubble in human history bursts.

Once the implosion happens, people are going to go absolutely nuts. Anger and frustration are already rising to the boiling point all over the country, and it isn’t going to take much to push millions of Americans over the edge.

Unfortunately, all of the long-term economic problems have gotten a lot worse since the last time around, so when things fall apart this time, it will be a scenario that is absolutely unprecedented in American history.

Just because a crisis is delayed does not mean that it is canceled. And because leaders have kept making this economic bubble larger and larger, that means the coming crisis will be even more painful than it otherwise could have been.


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