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Nick Barisheff: $10,000 Gold is Now a Realistic Target

Nick Barisheff: $10,000 Gold is Now a Realistic Target - BMG Group Inc.

Nick Barisheff warns investors, “It’s time to get out of the financial markets.”

Financials assets are losing their luster, now that Fed officials have raised rates .75, back-to-back, the cost of borrowing is overwhelming many institutions and households.

US equities market related volatility is increasing on the heels of comments from the FOMC of another 2.50% in rate hikes into early 2023.

The global economy is facing a stagflationary-depression scenario, it’s time for investors to focus on their portfolio safety and shun high-risk.

$10,000 gold is now a realistic target according to Nick, and may at some point require an upward adjustment!

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